Our Mission

The most defining characteristic of life should be our relationship with God. Our job, home, hobbies, and money will not be what ultimately decides our fate and future for eternity. Our mission is to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to any who will hear it. When life is lived in harmony with the will of God we develop into our full potential as given by the Creator. Our aim is to share this message as Christ has demanded of his followers. The blood of Jesus makes purification for sins and secures a home in heaven for the faithful.

Mission work

In addition to our efforts at spreading the gospel in our home community, we also strive to support work elsewhere.  In the middle of the top picture is Federico Barrios.  We have been blessed to be able to work with him in Panama for many years.  In July 2015 our evangelist Joseph was able to travel to Panama and work directly with many of the brothers there.

Additionally we send regular support to Armando Galeano in Costa Rica, and Mitchell Vick in Scottland.